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Programming in RPG IV

Control Language Programming for IBM i

RPG IV Jump Start

Power Tips for RPG IV

VisualAge for RPG by Example


These video packages offer focused IBM i training on your own schedule, without any time limitations. And now, the videos are available using streaming Flash video instantly on your PC, with no waiting for mail delivery. (Frequently asked questions)

You don't need access to an IBM i server to take these courses. You can watch the presentations directly on your PC. An IBM i server is necessary only to perform the optional lab exercises. The materials are yours to keep, as a refresher or for later reference.

Here's what you get:

  • Video lecture presentations
  • Course handout materials to follow along and take notes
  • Optional lab exercises to reinforce lecture concepts
  • Restorable IBM i library, with sample code, to support lab exercises

(To be sure your PC supports Flash video, please play the sample video.)

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Combination RPG IV Video Set

RPG IV for RPG ProgrammersRPG IV Modules, Procedures & Service ProgramsBest Value! Buy both packages at this special price, and save even more! This package contains both video sets, described below: "RPG IV for RPG Programmers" and "RPG IV Modules, Procedures & Service Programs."

List price: $798.00
Streaming video price: $399.00 Available on your PC today!
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RPG Programmer Alert: Your existing RPG III skills are outdated; the last RPG III enhancement happened more than a decade ago. Modern RPG applications are written using RPG IV (aka ILE RPG/400).

Bryan's introductory course will leverage your current RPG III knowledge to bring you completely up to date on the new RPG IV syntax.

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RPG IV Modules, Procedures & Service Programs Print E-mail

So you already know the new RPG IV syntax, but you're still writing programs the way you always have? It's time to take the next step toward modernizing your programming — with reusable modules, procedures, and service programs.

Bryan's presentation covers all the details about how you can exploit RPG IV to improve your applications' modularity, reliability, flexibility, maintainability, and performance.

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