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IBM i Links

Here are some useful IBM i Links on the Web.

Display # 
1   Link   IBM i Release 7.2 documentation
2   Link   IBM i Release 7.1 documentation
3   Link   IBM i Release 6.1 documentation
4   Link   IBM i5/OS V5R4 Documentation
5   Link   IBM i5/OS V5R3 Documentation
6   Link   IBM i5/OS V5R2 Documentation
7   Link   IBM i5/OS V5R1 Documentation
8   Link   API Finder
9   Link   CL Command Finder
10   Link   System Value Finder
11   Link   SQL Message Finder
12   Link   IBM PDF Files and Manuals
13   Link   IBM Redbooks
14   Link   System i Support
15   Link   System i Reference Codes (SRCs)
16   Link   IBM i Timeshare Accounts
Rikas Communications. First month free.
17   Link   Free IBM i Hosting and User Accounts
18   Link   System iNetwork
System iNEWS Magazine
19   Link   Working with the IFS in RPG
by Scott Klement
20   Link   Linoma Software
RPG Toolbox and other great utilities