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Your Guide to the New RPG
Fourth Edition
By Bryan Meyers

Bryan Meyers has updated his indispensable guide to RPG IV to cover RPG's latest enhancements to the language. Free-form calculations, new built-in functions, improved error handling, and more — all the V5 goodies are in here, demystified through clear explanations and numerous coding examples.

"If you're programming in RPG IV, you need this book!" -- Susan G.

RPG IV Jump StartRPG IV Jump Start presents RPG IV from the perspective of a programmer who already knows RPG III (RPG/400), pointing out the differences between the two dialects of the language and demonstrating — through numerous coding examples and suggestions — how to take advantage of the new syntax and function. This new edition gives you everything you need to know to get going quickly with the new RPG.

New chapters bring you up to speed on free-format RPG and show you how to get the most from RPG's expanded array of built-in functions. You'll see the new free-form coding at work throughout the book. Best of all, a new appendix provides a complete, integrated reference to every one of RPG's opcodes and BIFs — a resource even veteran programmers will appreciate.

Table of Contents (269 pages)

  1. Introduction to RPG IV
  2. Header Specification Redesign
  3. File Specification Changes
  4. The Definitive D-Specification
  5. Input Specification Changes
  6. Calculation Specification Changes
  7. Free-form Expressions
  8. RPG Built-in Functions
  9. Using Date/Time Operations in RPG IV
  10. New Data Types
  11. Output Specification Changes
  12. Converting and Compiling Programs
  13. RPG and ILE
  14. Procedures, Subprocedures, and Prototypes
  15. Rethinking RPG Standards


  1. RPG IV Operation Code and Function Summary
  2. Status Codes
  3. DATECALCR Sample RPG IV Program



Paperback: 269 pages
Publisher: 29th Street Press
Date: 4th edition (October 2001)
10 digit ISBN: 1583040927